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The Templar Academy
Where the spirit of learning is the Templar Way.

The Templar Academy is where training is conducted on a Grand Priory wide scale. There are courses provided in Basic Training, Templar History, Virtues of Knighthood, Leadership and Ministry, Protocols, and there are more coming soon.

You must be a fully vetted member of the Grand Priory to attend the Templar Academy of America.

The Templar Academy is committed to providing our Templars with a solid foundation and support as they embark on their Templar path. Visit the Join page from the drop-down menu options and fill out an application today and begin your journey.

Templar Academy of America Mission Statement:

To educate, train, and inspire each Templar to embrace and exercise their own God-given gifts and leadership style, so that each graduate is recognized as a person of integrity and character, committed to their Christian faith as lived through the Knightly Virtues, and prepared for excellence in dedication and service to GOD, their family, community, nation, priory, and the KTGPA. 

The Templar Academy Seal:

The Templar Academy Seal:
The color red represents the blood of our Liege Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.
The color white represents the purity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Blue represents the Templar principles of perseverance, and vigilance.
The fleur-de-lis represents the French origins of the Knights Templar. The Shield represents God’s protection over us as His servants
The kneeling Knight reminds us that all we do is for the Glory of God
A BIBLE on the left side of the red Shield represents His Word
The Chi-Ro represents Christ and the coin with two Knights on a single horse represents the brotherhood and vow of poverty that we all take.
Established November 29th, 2018



Established November 29th, 2018 

The Templar Academy of America colors are:

Blue – represents the Templar principles of perseverance, and vigilance.

Red- Blood of our Liege LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST

White- Purity of our Liege LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST

 The Templar Academy Mascot is a white War Horse named Crusader

Priory of Saint George KTGPA
The Templar Academy is Housed in the Priory of Saint George, Independence County, Arkansas.